LRT Online Manual Backlink AnalysisWhat is Backlink Analysis?

What is Backlink Analysis?

Backlink Analysis is the cornerstone of link building and SEO. It stands in the beginning, the middle AND in the end of the link building process.

Building links without knowing your backlink profile is like running over a minefield with a blindfold. You need to find out which links are valuable for your domain to build only the kind of links you really need.

When you have built links successfully, then you should do a backlink analysis again and check how your LRT Power, LRT Trust, DTOXRISK, Keyword Ratio etc. have changed. Because what you can’t measure – you can’t improve!

You will need Backlink Analysis tools when you want to know where your domain is currently standing or when you have a new client and want to understand his domain’s backlink profile.

Alongside domain analysis, you can also do a backlink analysis for a single page or sub-folder.

In general, we distinguish between partial backlink analysis and full backlink analysis.


There are three link analysis tools included in the LinkResearchTools toolkit. Some tools are quicker than the others like the Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL), but have in mind that by using the QBL, you trade speed for accuracy. This tool gives you only a sample of your backlinks and the link data is cached.

Only Link Detox (DTOX) shows you the full picture since it includes the 25th link data source. Make sure that you base all your important decisions on a Link Detox (DTOX) full backlink analysis.

Here are the options you have for doing backlink analysis in LinkResearchTools:

Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL) - A quick sample analysis

The first link analysis tool is the Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL). We call it "Quick" because it gives you a fast overview of the backlink profile of a page or domain, to help you make quick decisions.

To give you very quick results, QBL uses cached data rather than live data.

This means you get to see backlink data that could be a couple days old.

But not to worry; we've still got the freshest and most up to date results out there compared to our competitors.

This is good enough for every “quick-glance”.

Backlink Profiler (BLP) - Fresh Backlink data, but not a full analysis (24 link sources)

The second link analysis tool is the Backlink Profiler (BLP). This tool is stronger than QBL thanks to the fact that it returns freshly re-crawled, accurate link data.

But keep in mind that the BLP doesn't show you the full picture of your backlink profile. Only Link Detox (DTOX) does that.

You are not looking at link data that was crawled days, months or years ago. You can see a deleted link, even if it was deleted one minute ago.

If it's a powerful website that you care about, you can quickly reach out to the webmaster and ask for a new link.

The Backlink Profiler (BLP) is a great link analysis tool that allows you to select the SEO metrics that matter to you out of 97 SEO metrics. It helps you break down your backlink profile, it filters the sitewide links and provides you with fresh, clean data that you can look at to get an understanding of the recent state of a backlink profile. It can be your website's backlink profile or the backlink profile of your competitor's websites.

Link Detox (DTOX) - The only tool that allows you to do a full analysis (25 link sources)

If you want to do a full, detailed, and accurate backlink analysis, you need to use Link Detox (DTOX) - our third and most powerful link analysis tool.

Link Detox (DTOX) is the only tool that gives you:

  • your full backlink profile combining data from 25 link sources
  • accurate, reliable and fresh link data in one central system.
  • clean, re-crawled and verified link data
  • a new link crawl for every report you create or Re-run

This saves you hours of exhausting manual work.

No other SEO software or online marketing tool does this.


The Backlink Analysis tools are very powerful in any imaginable use case. Almost every SEO tool offers Backlink Analysis as a service. We offer a fresh re-crawling of your links and clean data in addition. Every SEO knows how important a detailed backlink analysis is, so why settle for less?

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